The Sovereign’s Saga: Part I Ep I: The Calm in the Storm

The Sovereign stood at the edge of the world, gazing upon the vast empire in front of him, the Haizi wind bellowing strongly in his face, threatening to topple the world as he knew it. It didn’t bother him. Things like these – the “forces” of nature seldom did. These were trivialities in his mind, even though they terrified some of the wisest people of his era. Clearly, they were not wise enough, the Sovereign reminded himself. It was reassuring to him that he was able to process and segregate thoughts as they came in, in spite of the storm in his world. And he wasn’t thinking about the Haizi storm as he thought this – but the storm inside of him.

The sea of the Sovereign’s mind rose and fell, in regular, systematic and rhythmic motion, as the Sovereign brought the umpteen thoughts in his mind into the places where they belonged. For the thoughts that he found were new and unrelated to anything he had previously examined or understood, he categorized them into new areas, always keeping sight of the vast empire that he had built inside of his mind, of which the Empire of Carane, his dominion in this world, was probably just a fraction.

The Sovereign, his eyes closed, breathing in the sea that the Haizi wind brought with it, marveled at his own creation as he looked proudly at his thoughts – the ambition, the courage, the strategy and the vision that he knew would take him places in the years to come. Some would say that the Sovereign was being immodest as he was thinking this, but then they would be wrong. There was a fine line between knowing something and clinging to its belief, the Sovereign always felt. This was the former. The Sovereign hardly ever engaged in the latter. He was an extremely pragmatic person, yet that never stopped his soaring ambitions. So, when the Sovereign thought that he “knew” something, that usually turned out to be true, in spite of what things would have seemed like at the surface.

This “instinct”, as the world saw it, had served him well several times, yielding to umpteen successful battles, growing his empire ever the more with every conquest, yielding the world to him. It was how he had risen from being a largely unknown figure to becoming a force to be reckoned with. The people had seen in a daze as the Sovereign rose in a blazing manner, his wings getting wider and wider, encompassing all, making himself stronger with every flight.

There were those that hated this of course. The Sovereign had no shortage of foes, and not as many well-wishers. There were few people dear to him that he could say were beyond jealousy – others weren’t as wise. He sometimes wondered child-like, how people could be so consumed by the world that they couldn’t see the realities of life. And yet, it couldn’t be changed. Not that it bothered him. Trivialities, he reminded himself, and then smiling, he opened his eyes and felt the Haizi wind reassuringly around him. He knew that he would figure out how to deal with their latest strikes against him.

The Sovereign had a lot of plans for this world of his, and even though he had come a long way, he felt that he had equally long way to go. It was that, that demanded his attention currently – and which would continue to soak up his interest and curiosity going forward. His eyes twinkled at the prospect and his heart pumped with more vigour. He took a deep breath as he looked beyond the horizon, beyond the edge of the world, beyond the Laize Soraman, the tallest building of the Empire of Carane, as he marveled at the way he had handled the time before and at his plans for the time ahead


42 thoughts on “The Sovereign’s Saga: Part I Ep I: The Calm in the Storm

  1. A philosophical work to be sure. This is the kind of writing that reads like poetry. Every word matters. I would love to hear the Sovereign speak out loud. Do you have more written, just not published? Or are you publishing as you go? Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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    1. Vaibhav Thombre

      Hey Kelly,
      Thanks so much for the compliments 🙂 I have written most of the book – not yet published. Currently refining one of the later drafts. I intend to publish it all at once – as the first book of the series. 🙂

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  2. Nice writing style my ‘friend’ and good to see aspiring authors in the blogosphere. This one looks like it’s going to be a well crafted epic. Thanks for liking one of my posts and activating my kindness clause. It obliges me to return the favour and comment and follow…especially authors….like minded and in the same boat, so to speak. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading more posts 🙃

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      1. The truth outs Vaibhav…no need to thank..just keep writing…and blogging…I started in January and with some degree of now what? But I’ve found some brilliant people from all over the globe and they never cease to amaze me with support and generosity. It’s addictive too 🙃

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            1. Vaibhav Thombre

              This one I just started.. Had another one on humour sometime back but didn’t find enough time to keep it going 🙂 This one is directly in line with my novel.. so I feel I can take time out for it 🙂

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              1. Time is always the adversary. I’m trying to build up a following while my books are being sorted. Not sure which publishing route to take just yet but I’ve got until the end of June to decide when my manuscript returns from my proofer. If you want to build up some followers I’d recommend trying the various meet and greets going on too.

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          1. That’s awesome. I only get rejections. 😦 But I will not give up. Beatrice Potter and so many other best selling authors were rejected dozens of times, but they kept pushing onward. Congrats to you!

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  3. Wow! This story is so awesome that I want to translate it into my language so my friends can read it.
    If you interested in having your good story translated, please give me a chance to do that privilege. :))
    Anw, looking forward to the next chapter :))

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