The Sovereign’s Saga (Genre: Political Thriller):

Part One: The Vatarian War

Part I Ep I: The Calm in the Storm

Part I Ep II: War-Torn

Part I Ep III: The Crumbling Shackles

Part I Ep IV: The Dead and the Dying

Part I Ep V: The Burnt Market

Part I Ep VI: The Monastery

Part I Ep VII: The Diplomat

Part I Ep VIII: Ambition

Part I Ep IX: Ashes

Part Two: The Burning Market

Part II Ep I: Grief

Part II Ep II: The Truth among the Shadows

Part II Ep III: Egalitarianism

Part II Ep IV: Belief

Part II Ep V: The Last Arrow

Part II Ep VI: The Shards of Life

The Lost Journal Series (Genre: Philosophy)

The Lost Journal: The Chains of Time

The Lost Journal: Sanctuary

Tales of Carane (Genre: Adventure)

The Goddess’s Crown